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Be a Hero: Give to LymeTV Today!

You can make a difference for tick disease prevention.

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We need your help to impact tick disease prevention.

Children ages 5 - 14 have the highest incidence of Lyme disease & other tick diseases, nationwide. Tick bite prevention keeps our kids healthy & strong. Teaching children how to prevent tick bites as a life-skill helps reduce incidence of disease through awareness & knowledge of best practices for disease prevention. We also teach kids to be their own health advocate so if someone is removing a tick the wrong way, they speak up!

Ticks are a public health epidemic. Cases of tick diseases are on the rise, with 427,000 estimated new cases of Lyme disease, alone, each year. Everyone needs to know the best ways to prevent tick bites & what to do if a tick bites them.

We cannot operate our programs without the generous support of donors like you! Thank you for supporting our ever-growing work to prevent dangerous tick-borne diseases.

Your monthly gift will help us provide our free school Tick Jedi health education program to kids & help us continue to deliver top quality health education to all. Each school in our Tick Jedi program receives prevention posters for classrooms, fun activity workbooks for each student, & brochures to take home for parents.

We also provide a school in wooded Maine with Tick Tubes. The school had ticks crawling inside its classrooms. WIth continuous placement of tick tubes, the school has had no ticks inside & has found only two ticks on children the entire 2018-9 school year! LymeTV has committed to long-term placement of tick tubes for the school.

LymeTV is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization dedicated to educating the global community about Lyme disease & other dangerous tick-borne infectious diseases located worldwide. We believe the best way to reduce tick-borne diseases is by prevention, awareness, & early detection information. LymeTV aims to help reduce the incidence of these diseases through prevention methods, education campaigns, & film projects.